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I write, a lot. It’s a passion of mine. I’m probably off plotting ways to get my characters into trouble right now, or lying on the couch with my head hanging over the edge, wondering how my characters are going to manage to get out of the trouble I’ve gotten them in, or I might be eating ice cream. Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m not thinking at all.



Sometimes it takes an ordinary ten-year-old to save the day.

CL Colyer’s newest middle-grade fantasy adventure is Hotel Transylvania meets Sherlock Holmes.

Nothing frightens Atticus Everheart more than monsters, thanks to his older brothers, who often threaten to feed him to the beastly creatures.

Fearing that’s what they will do if he doesn’t replace the book he accidentally ruined, he takes a job tutoring a boy in his neighborhood.

Although nervous about the job, Atticus soon discovers there’s a lot more in store for him than teaching. Never in a trillion years would he have imagined he’d be hiding from monsters, working with ghosts, or searching for werewolves and witches. He’s not brave, and he has no plans to change.

Until he’s forced to.

What readers are saying about Atticus Everheart

If you love quirky fantasy adventures, you’ll want to read this book.” – N.N. Light Book Heaven

“Both my fussy reader and I loved it and highly recommend it to all little detectives out there who prefer their mysteries with a side of spooky fun.” – Goodreads Reviewer and her fussy reader

“Ms. Colyer has a smooth writing style that makes her work a joy to read.” – Long and Short Reviews

2022 Best Middle-Grade Finalist



Zach doesn’t believe in ghosts… but he should.

Twelve-year-old Zach is convinced he’ll never be happy without his best friend Jeremy by his side. But both of their lives changed with a bang five months ago, and as far as Zach’s concerned, it’s his fault Jeremy will never see his twelfth birthday.

When Zach moves with his family to a Chicago suburb, he quickly becomes friends with a group of thrill-seeking kids trying to find a disappearing haunted house. But Zach’s not worried. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, so he follows them into a wild, dangerous encounter that becomes a battle to decide what’s real and what’s not.

What readers have to say about Friends to the End

Reluctant reader approved!

“A compelling, gripping nail-biting page-turner. You’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting…dreading?… what happens next. I know you won’t be able to put the book down (I couldn’t).” ~ Allan Woodrow, bestselling author of over 30 books for children

“Friends to the End is a wonderful middle-grade paranormal mystery from start to finish ~ N.N. Light Book Heaven, Amazon Vine Voice

Full of danger, adventure, grief, friendship, loss, atmospheric writing, hope, & survival. Highly recommend! – Reviewer, Belles Middle-Grade Library

“Friends to the End was a fantastic, atmospheric read with a wonderful cast of characters.” ~ @thereaderandthechef

“It was equal parts spooky and sad and heartwarming, and I loved every page! … It’s an MG book to punch your heart but also give you all the warm feels by the end Definitely put this one on your TBR!!” ~ @paperfury

“I couldn’t put it down and I was so intrigue to what will happen next.” ~ @myrelationshipwithbooks

2021 Best Middle-Grade Finalist


What would you do…

if you found yourself at the gates of a haunted graveyard?


This was it, the end for us. What would the headlines in the paper read? “Local Kids Vanish Into Thin Air,” maybe. Not that the reporter would know we literarlly did.

Zach Thompson, Friends to the End

Are you a believer?


A little about me

I found my love for writing in first grade when my class was sent to the library and asked to find a book for our first book report. While I don’t still have this book report, I’m very proud to say I got an A on it. My favorite thing about the book was that it had no words. That’s right, not one! That gave me the freedom to interpret the pictures in any way I wanted and write my own story.

This sparked my love for writing essays. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I sat down and penned my first novel. This story has a special place in my heart because it’s the story that helped me discover my passion for writing. I’ve since written several books, many of which may never see the light of day, but all of which helped me learn to combine my passion for writing with my fascination with all things mythical.  You’ll find examples of this in my novels. I live in Illinois with my family.

My alter ego writes stories for teens and adults. Follow the link in the tab above for a list of books.


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